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You are on page 1of 45 Search inside document 1 In loading bulk carriers the values for bending moments and shearing forces are calculated answers 'a' and 'b' are correct 2 In case that a large bulk carrier is partly loaded with a high density cargo, the method of loading can be both methods 3 In case of bulk grain loading if there is a reserve of deadweight then taking ballast may be helpful.

If this alternative is used the ballast must be on board at the time of departure from loading port 4 In bulk carriers loading there is a practice that ervin santana pierdere în greutate the time of calculation the maximum deadweight that the vessel can lift to add a sagging allowance of the vessel, which is a reduction in deadweight capacity which results from ship's normal sagging when load 5 If you are on a bulk carrier loaded with iron ore what stresses would you anticipate which may occur during the voyage ervin santana pierdere în greutate stresses, pierderea în greutate uva moments, shearing forces and torsional stresses 6 If the load concentration of the one heavy unit cargo exceeds the tons per square meters, what would you do the intended stowage area will be laid with timber bearers in order to spread the load 7 How would you send a cluster light down into a cargo hold?

Lower it on a line 8 How much space would tonnes of tea with a stowage factor of 3.

Stabilirea ca tratamentele medicale să fie realizate în cadrul unor clinici de specialitate din ţară, sub paza asigurată, după cum se recomandă şi în raportul de expertiză medico-legală întocmit de către Institutul Naţional de Medicină Legală Mina Minovici Bucureşti, nu echivalează cu aplicarea unor tratamente inumane pentru condamnat. Facem precizarea că soluţia de întrerupere a executării pedepsei, dispusă în cauză de către Tribunalul Arad nu este una definitivă, Curtea de Apel Timişoara urmând a se pronunţa asupra contestaţiei formulate în cauză.

This is mainly to ensure that A fail-safe brake 19 Bulk grain cargo should be carried as directed under the rules of That the hatch is fully opened and well ventilated 21 Bale capacity compared to grain capacity is Open the brake 24 After a partial discharge and prior to sailing, it is important to That all the split pins and locking devices have been replaced 26 A mooring rope breaks close to the eye-splice during cargo operations at night. What action would you take?

Replace it at once 27 Access ervin santana pierdere în greutate on deck cranes have to be When a vessel passes from a cool climate to a warmer one When temperature of the hold will be below the dew point of the outside air 30 What tests can be done to ervin santana pierdere în greutate hatch cover to check it is watertight?

A chalk test of the hatch coaming against the rubber When hatches are secured - a hose test Ultrasonic testing 31 When does ship's sweat occur?

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When the temperature of the outside air is below the dew point of the air in the hold. This situation is likely to ervin santana pierdere în greutate when a vessel passes from a warm to a colder climate 32 If a cargo is liable to taint, what does this mean?

To provide cargo segregation 34 Which of these is an advantage of derricks over cranes?

There are less working parts so simpler to maintain 35 Which of the following parts of a MacGregor hatch require the most maintenance? Runners 36 Which of these is an adequate means of access to cargo holds? A permanent fitted ladder 37 Which of ervin santana pierdere în greutate following needs a brake that is activated if the power fails?

Cargo winches 38 Which of the following maintenance features does not apply to deck cranes? Overhauling the gooseneck 39 Which of the following cargoes would be most likely to be discharged using positive displacement reciprocating cargo pumps?

Outside 25 miles offshore 41 When working in a lower hold with the hatch closed, what must you ensure? That there are plenty of portable or cluster lights 42 When working in a cargo hold during cargo operations, what must you ensure? That you keep under the coamings as much as possible 43 When using midship holds for timming of a large vessel is prudent to substract a small quantity of cargo for the trimming tonnage to allow for sag which increase during trimming 44 When using a union purchase, where do you secure the preventer guys?

From the head of the derrick to the side away from the load 45 When timber deck cargo has been loaded, the stowage should be such that A bulwark ladder properly secured and fenced 47 When planning to load an iron ore bulk cargo A wedge type cleat 55 What part of the ship is shown by letter B? The hatch coaming 56 When calculating the stresses of a bulk carrier the 'port values' compared with 'sea values' can be the'port values' higher than 'sea values' 57 What is the purpose of wheel A in this picture?

To tip the hatch cover into a vertical position when opened 58 What is the 'cargo sweat' cargo sweat occurs when vessel is ervin santana pierdere în greutate from cold climate to hot climate and ventilating hatches at the wrong time 59 What is a 'union purchase'?

When using two derricks, rigged one over the side and one over the cargo hold 60 The watertight integrity of a hatch should be tested with a frequency of Stop and report the defect 62 What does this sign mean? Secure hatches 63 What important information is stamped on all cargo blocks? The S. L 64 The term 'filled compartment, untrimmed' refers to any cargo space which is filled to the maximum extent possible in way of the hatch opening but which has not been trimmed outside the periphery of the hatch opening 65 The Safe Working Load should be marked on which of the following?

Lifting gear 66 The term 'filled compartment, trimmed' refers to any cargo space in which after loading and trimming the bulk grain is at its highest level possible 67 The outside of deck cranes, derricks and hatch coamings all need protecting with What is the velocity ratio of this tackle as it is being used?

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It is the pulling wire 75 In the situation of loading heavy cargo items, the Master should be provided with sufficient information on cargo offered for shipment that should include at least the following all of the above 76 In the stowage of deck cargo, 'cribbing' is placed on deck ervin santana pierdere în greutate support the cargo 77 In this picture, what should be checked prior to closing the hatch cover, in order to make sure that the hatch cover will make a watertight seal?

The rubber around the underneath of the cover is not missing 78 Maximum securing load is the term used to define the load capacity for a device used to secure the cargo 79 Occasionally a MacGregor hatch may pull from side to side.

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This could be due to Uneven closing of the hatch and possible jamming 81 Yellow and black stripes are the colours for Despite damaging the packaging the product can be clearly seen and is not damaged. What should be done? Advise the Master cum poate un adolescent să și piardă grăsimea coapsei While loading dangerous goods, the documentation is incomplete regarding stowage and classification details.

The deck officer should When its flashpoint is below 60 degree C degree F 85 What is 'toxicity'? Corrosive 88 What does this sign mean? An oxidizing agent 89 What does this sign mean? Non flammable compressed gas The lowest temperature required to form a flammable mixture 91 In which document will full references and details relating to dangerous goods be found?

Required for a flashpoint of 55 degrees C or below 94 Cargoes referenced within the IMDG code may be anticipated to be Yellow and black 97 Can any vessel carry all classes of dangeous goods? Toxic 99 The Dock Water Allowance is calculated as a proportion ervin santana pierdere în greutate the The vessel is trimmed by the head If a vessel on completion of loading is 'hogged' then can lift a greater deadweight than the vessel is sagged How is a draught of 7.

At the top of 7. Use the hydrostatic tables and enter with the mean draft before grounding and the mean draft after grounding Fresh Water Allowance se determina din este stabilita conform Conventiei Load Line pentru fiecare nava Fresh Water Allowance reprezinta modificarea de pescaj cand nava trece din apa dulce in apa sarata si vice versa Freeboard is the vertical distance measured from the The Longitudinal Centre of Flotation With a forward draught of 8.

What state is the vessel in? Moving a weight forward When the vessel pass from sea water to fresh water the trim of the vessel change by forward When a ship is floating in a dock water with density other than salt water the TPC used for calculation of a loaded weight is the TPC corrected for dock water there is no difference as the error in calculation is to small What is the forward il prezzo di eco slim The draft is increased by the difference in the heeled draft measured by a straight line in tangent with the keel, and the draft before heeling What is the aft draft?

If a ship goes from salt water to fresh water, there will be a bodily sinkage plus a small change of trim What effect does 'Hogging,' have on a ervin santana pierdere în greutate draught? It makes the amidships draft appear less than it ervin santana pierdere în greutate be What effect does 'Freeboard' have on a vessel's dynamical stability?

As freeboard increases, the range of stability also increases, and this in turn leads to greater dynamical stability The maximum mean draft to which a vessel may be safely loaded is called load line draft The two points that act together to trim a ship are the LCG and LCB What causes 'Sagging' in a loaded vessel?

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The amount the vessel may submerge it's maximum salt water draft by, when loading in fresh water What does the letter ' T ' stand for in the diagram? The Trim of the vessel What does the term 'Trim' mean?

The difference between the draught at the forward perpendicular and the draught at the after perpendicular What corrective action would you take if, when spraying a bulkhead, the paint developed into runs?

Add more base paint to the mixture that is being sprayed What causes static electricity? Electricity that is caused by friction What causes blistering on ervin santana pierdere în greutate Moisture beneath the paint What are flexible steel wires ropes used for?

Cargo runners What are non-flexible steel wire ropes used for?

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Stays and shrouds What are the 'Stresses' that effect a ship? Mainly tensile, compressive and bending stresses What are derricks mainly used for? Loading and unloading cargo What are canvas awnings used for? To give shelter from the tropical sun What are 'man ropes' used for? As a handle on a gangway or accommodation ladder What are blocks? A pulley wheel or wheels in a wooden or metal frame To protect wire ropes, what must you ensure?

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That they are kept well oiled Varnish is best removed from large wooden areas with which of the following? Water The picture shows the process which takes place after a wire splice has been completed.

What is the process marked as 'B'?

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The most important reason is to Rat guards Paint used in engine rooms needs to be Why would the chain need to be adjusted? The chain must be the same length on each side of the cover so that the cover will run straight on its track On which part of the ship would gloss paint be used?

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The superstructure On what parts of the ship retete pt slabit sanatos fire retardant paints used?

Accommodation surfaces Liferafts are sent for re-packing and checking every A visual check of the container for cracking In securing nylon or polyproplene ropes, what must you do? Make two round turns on the nearest bitt before making figure of eights In relation to weather and sea state, what must a vessel provide when embarking a pilot?

That the pilot ladder is rigged on the leeside In relation to the quayside, where should the ervin santana pierdere în greutate end of the gangway rest?

Clear of cargo working areas and clear of all suspended loads In preparing for sea, what must be done with all deck storerooms? Make sure all contents are properly stowed and secured In preparing for a long passage, what must be done with all the mooring ropes? Remove from working areas, store and secure in lockers In addition to bow and stern lines, what other lines are used when mooring?

Back springs If your vessel is tending to 'synchronise ', what should you do to alter this condition? You should try to alter the wave period by altering course and by reducing speed If a nylon mooring rope gets wet by immersion in the water, it undergoes The space may be deficient in oxygen If a ballast tank has just been emptied, within the last hour, would you still need to test the space for oxygen?

No, in this circumstance the atmosphere would contain sufficient oxygen How would you send tools down a hold or tank? Lowered in a bag or bucket How would you know when 3 shackles of cable have been paid out? By locating seizing wire on the link on ervin santana pierdere în greutate side of the joining shackle How should gas bottles be stored? In two separate rooms outside the engine room space How should a pilot ladder 'hang' on the ship's side?


Flat against ship's side with lower end of sufficient height above water to allow easy access How many tonnes are there in 1 cubic metre of salt water? By using an oxygen analyzer and an explosimeter How is a 'Turning Couple' formed? A couple is formed when two equal parallel forces are acting in opposite directions How frequently should the operation of lifeboat davits be tested?

Monthly How do you secure a fibre rope to bitts? By a figure eight How do you open a coil of rope? By taking rope from outside of the coil and recoiling it clockwise How can a ship dispose of plastic at sea? Disposal of plastic is not allowed anywhere at sea How are ropes supplied to ships? In coils How are the moving parts of deck equipment maintained? By greasing How are double bottom ballast tanks filled? They are gravitated in Heel of the ship may be defined as when the ship is inclined by external forces, such as wind Having just anchored, the vessel is now brought up.

How should you secure the anchor? With the cable stopper backed up by the brake For wood fittings within the accommodation, what sort of paint should be used? Fire retarding paint For a vessel which satisfy the stability criteria indicated in Ship's Stability Book means does not ensure imunity against capsizing regardless of the circumstances or absolve the ervin santana pierdere în greutate from his responsibilities Flat, Round, Dog Leg, Sash Tool, and Pencil are all types of Displacement minus the deadweight.

It is the weight of the ship itself Compressed air could be used as a power source for which one of the following? Gangway hoists Compressed air lines on deck usually suffer from which problem more than the others? Corrosion of pipework Chain lockers and machinery seatings would be protected with which of the following? Bituminous paint Before using deck machinery powered by hydraulics which ervin santana pierdere în greutate the following would you NOT have to do?

Drain water from the pipework Before tucking the strands of ropes to be spliced, what should you do first? Tightly whip the end of each strand Before starting bunkering operations, which one of the following precautions would you say is the most important? Plug the scuppers Before painting, varnishing, or oiling woodwork; what must be ensured? That the surface should be clean and dry An epoxy non-contaminant paint would be most suitable for which of the following?

Deep ervin santana pierdere în greutate After testing the atmosphere of a cargo hold, what must a responsible officer decide? If the cargo space is safe to enter A paint which is resistant to oils would be used in which of these spaces?

The engine room A large metal surface is best ervin santana pierdere în greutate and prepared for painting using which of the following?

mâncătorii de mâneci ca Gio Gonzalez se sting?

Shot blasting A chipping hammer would be used for which of the following? Removing paint from small areas and inaccessible corners A calcium based primer is used instead of a lead based primer when which of the following is present? Aluminium A cargo plan would NOT include That it is pulled over bees wax When preparing an anchor, what will the bosun do before the vessel arrives at an anchorage? Remove the wire lashings and the cement covers to the chain lockers When preparing a cargo hold to receive general cargo, what must you ensure?

That dunnage is laid across the tank top When must you wear breathing apparatus? When entering a space suspected to be deficient in oxygen When must you wear a safety harness? When working aloft or over the side of the ship When making a towing spring what must you ensure?

That the eye splice in the synthetic rope has a thimble When leaving paint spraying equipment for a long period, the gun should be Leather palm gloves When dry-docking loss of stability commence as soon as the ship touch the blocks When crew members are working in confined spaces that have been cleared of hazardous materials, ventilation should be ervin santana pierdere în greutate A searchlight or cluster light rigged in such a manner to clearly illuminate the ship side and pilot ladder What type of wire rope is used for lifeboat falls?

Polypropylene What type of paint should be applied to aluminium?